The Swiss Dragon Boat Team for Alumnae and Alumni of the University of London sponsored by the Swiss LSE Alumni Association

The Fans

Come and support the "London Dragons" in their quest for glory. Dragon boat racing is slowly developing into a mainstream recreational activity in Switzerland, thanks in great part to the annual national races in Eglisau. The races are colourful, festive and full of dynamism and action. Additionally, the event has a fascinating whiff of the exotic and foreign. The drum beats to be heard even distances away, the fights between and the spirit within the crews, the decorated dragon boats, the wonderful weather in symbiosis with the idyllic scenery draws hundreds of spectators. Spectators are well cared for. Food stalls will cater to the hungry, music to the hyperactive and shaded green areas to those seeking relaxation. The event weekend is well suited for couples with babies and toddlers. Why not have an extended weekend in and around the competition venue. The region has lots to offer. Overnight accommodation can be arranged. Contact us via the below form.

Next action: Eglisau, River Rhine, 24/25 June 2023. Not yet a paddler? Sign up today!

Become a paddler or fan

Interested in paddling for the London Dragons? No previous experience is necessary. You will be instructed and trained. All generations of alumnae and alumni are welcome. You need to be capable of swimming a minimum of 500 m while fully clothed.

Interested in cheering the London Dragons on as a spectator on land? Get on the mailing list as a fan.