The Swiss Dragon Boat Team for Alumnae and Alumni of the University of London sponsored by the Swiss LSE Alumni Association

The Crew

The University of London alumnae and alumni field mixed teams of female and male paddlers. Next to the 20 set and several reserve paddlers, the team also has drummers, pacing the boat to winning times. The team is sponsored by the Swiss LSE Alumni Association.

Dragon boat racing is one of the few team sports, which can be enjoyed by almost everyone without extensive training. Members of teams in past races have included people of various age groups, from newly minted alums to seasoned professionals, wanting to do something, which they have never done before. It's not without reason, why dragon boat racing has become worldwide the fastest growing team sport in the past few years. It is an engaging and fun activity with weighty historical background, which can be enjoyed with family and friends on and off the water. There is really only one requirement, which all in the boat must satisfy: When you apply to join the team, you also confirm that you can swim 500 meters in full clothing.

Next action: Eglisau, River Rhine, 24/25 June 2023. Not yet a paddler? Sign up today!

Become a paddler or fan

Interested in paddling for the London Dragons? No previous experience is necessary. You will be instructed and trained. All generations of alumnae and alumni are welcome. You need to be capable of swimming a minimum of 500 m while fully clothed.

Interested in cheering the London Dragons on as a spectator on land? Get on the mailing list as a fan.