The Swiss Dragon Boat Team for Alumnae and Alumni of the University of London sponsored by the Swiss LSE Alumni Association

The Boat

The boat is, without the dragon's head and tail, 11.5 meters long and, at its widest point, 1.2 meters wide. It is made up of a hull composed of a laminate of fiberglass, reinforced with plywood inlays along the keelson and gunnels. Each fiberglass seat bulkhead is bonded in place at three anchor points which provides superb rigidity to the hull. Closed-cell foam fills the bulkheads to ensure positive buoyancy. Western maple, eastern red oak and mahogany are integrated into the design for their specific abilities and for their visual appeal. Glues are waterproof epoxies. Wood surfaces are sealed with five coats of high grade marine varnish.

Next action: Eglisau, River Rhine, 24/25 June 2023. Not yet a paddler? Sign up today!

Become a paddler or fan

Interested in paddling for the London Dragons? No previous experience is necessary. You will be instructed and trained. All generations of alumnae and alumni are welcome. You need to be capable of swimming a minimum of 500 m while fully clothed.

Interested in cheering the London Dragons on as a spectator on land? Get on the mailing list as a fan.